Nillkin Textured Honor 50 Pro black

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Nillkin Textured Case A rugged reinforced case with a gel frame and nylon back The Nillkin Textured Case was made of high-quality materials. The characteristic back panel of the cover has a texture made of nylon fiber that is pleasant to the touch. Not only does it provide a very interesting finish and fashionable design, but it is also comfortable and non-slip. The phone placed in it will not slip out of your hand and is perfectly protected against mechanical damage, sweat or oil stains. Specification: Brand: Nillkin Material: PC + TPU The most important features: Designer texture with anti-slip properties High durability and flexibility Perfect fit for your phone Perfect protection against damage and dirt Textured nylon fiber finish The textured structure is pleasant to the touch and prevents the phone from slipping, and at the same time is very visually attractive. The fact that it is ultra-thin and very light also has a positive effect on the appearance of the case. Sufficiently stiff, pleasant elastic The combination of hard PC materials and soft TPU provides all-round protection, while allowing easy insertion and removal of the case. Made with the use of the best technologies The case was made using advanced thermoforming technology. The 3D texture offers high-end functionality and a stylish design. The case perfectly adheres to the phone. Durable materials The textured case is very durable thanks to the use of high-quality materials. It is scratch resistant and resistant to fingerprints, oil and sweat. It protects the phone against damage in the event of shocks or falls. Perfectly matched to your Samsung phone The rigid but flexible case perfectly fits your Samsung phone. It has holes in the right places, so the camera, charging port or speaker are not covered.