Nillkin SnapHold Sticker MagSafe purple

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Self-adhesive phone sticker compatible with MagSafe, magnetic phone holder, Nillkin SnapHold With that sticker almost any surface can become a holder for your smartphone . All you need to do is place the element in the selected place - also on furniture, on a mirror or on tiles. This model is made of ecological leather with a very realistic texture . Specification Brand: Nillkin Model: SnapHold Material: eco leather Dimensions: 36 x 62 x 5 mm Weight: 13 g Color: purple The most important advantages of Nillkin's Nillkin magnetic sticker holder: Magnetic holder - conveniently place the smartphone on the magnetic holder in any place: on the wall, glass or tiles. A great option for the car as well. Without any stands or jaws. Compatible with MagSafe and more - the holder also works with devices with MagSafe and other wireless charging technologies. Easy assembly - stick the element to any surface with the attached sticker. Elegant look - a colorful sticker is also an interesting decoration of your phone. It is relatively thin, so it does not make it difficult to use a smartphone. Note - the sticker does not charge MagSafe in devices that do not support this technology. It is compatible with any model that supports MagSafe technology, in the case of other devices for simultaneous wireless charging, an appropriate housing is necessary.